Monday, 20 July 2009

Bug Soup

Still on our 'don't buy anything midweek' adventure.  I'm trying to get out of the having a 'full fridge' mentality.  We always end up chucking stuff out, which is not good.   Makes sense to just buy what you need.  I, unfortunately, have inherited my Mother's 'WW2, food is scarce so hoard it' food addiction, which means we have to have LOADS in!!..which always ends up being chucked out.   I'm doing my best to get shut of this mentality.  lol   I would love to get into canning and preserving.  Much more sensible.  Don't know if I have the nerve to do it, though.   

Yesterday, decided to make soup, seeing as the weather was turning cold (blooming great big, whopping rainstorm arrived and soaked my washing!!)  Why do they always know when I'm doing the laundry?  Arghhh.  My dad always used to ask me not to wash clothes when I lived at home.  Said it was a dead cert for it to precipitate it down!  lol  Oh, wise one:o)  lol

I've been looking at this butternut squash for ages.  Been on the counter top in the kitchen for so long that I thought it might expire and 'puff' up to heaven on its own.  Mother bought it as a 'gift'.    They are very nice, I am told.  Best use it me thinks.  So, roasted butternut squash with olive oil, onions, garlic, herbs, ginger, lots of pepper and veg broth and voila...lovely soup and loads of it.  Whizzed up in blender till smooth.  Mmmmmm.  Looking forward to this with some nice bread:o)

Then, visitors arrive:o)  Big bro and Bro in law, bringing with them supplies in  the form of Hoover (ours has blown up, lol) and Harry Potter type trunk...for storage of craft materials.  'Tis lovely:o)  The mogs (always eager to explore) made themselves at home and had to be booted out, sadly, to make way for my stash.  Can't get over the size of this trunk.  It's ginormous!!  Could hold a body!!   Trunk is on loan, but I have other   Well, Bro in law announces that they are starving!! I dishes out the soup, which was a hit, so that's another recipe to my fledgling vegan repertoire:o)   It was nice, have to say.

Hoover is required because we found 'wildlife' in the carpets!!  Eeeek!!  Carpets have now been oiked out.  Have found all sorts of creatures in the house that I don't want to share my space with they are on their way to being 'evicted'..hence request for working, powerful hoover.

This is an old house...very old..and we inevitably have beasties about.  The carpets and floor coverings are ancient!!  Eeeeew!   One night Junior and I were in her bedroom relaxing and hears this ripping sound.  I just think that the little darling has passed wind:o)  Alas, 'tis not so.  Looks up and sees that some of the wallpaper behind us has decided to strip itself from the walls.  Underneath is one big yucky damp patch.  Well, we being brave and all that, starts to jump up and down like a right pair of wusses!...certain that there are creatures behind the wallpaper, too.  Turns out to be true.  Arghhh.  So, Operation Deep Clean in underway.  We mean business so all the rooms upstairs have been vacated!!  lol   The mogs are doing a sterling job of munching woodlice and intercepting rogue beetles and silverfish.  Protein and all that:o) (they've been Drontaled)   Have to do all the house.  'Tis hard work. 

So, here we are, downstairs..with mogs and Cilla.....watching Junior's Chrissy pressie (Charmed dvd's) with duvet tightly wrapped round necks,  planning our next attack!!  lol

Yesterday, was looking out of the garden room and I spotted a dragonfly, whizzing around the garden, as they do.  Beautiful thing it was, one of the amber coloured ones.  It makes a change from the usual population of winged creatures that we get around here!!   Didn't have camera to hand:o(  Calls Junior in to watch and there we are 'ooing and aahing' when, out of the blue,  swooped this little bird.  Little bird obviously had lunch on its mind and caught the creature in one swoop.   First time I've witnessed anything like that.    So, Ringo is on Team Dragonfly....came home later on in the morning with a feathered friend firmly clamped in his jaws.  Arghhh!

On the crafting front, we're going to have a go at some fimo jewellery.  Been wanting to try this for ages...and hand made that I've found my beading tools!  yay.  Anyway, Christmas ain't that far off!!  lol 
Olive taking Pole position on the Harry Potter trunk!

Bart and Henry VIII with that 'dodgy' look. lol

THE trunk!!!

Junior's gratuitous arty farty pic

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dawny said...

sounds busy ! pics of fimo would be great on a crafty blog :-) xx