Thursday, 23 July 2009


Sorry about this.

I absolutely and totally hate politics.  Yuk.  There seem to be too many bullying slime balls in office who have, unfortunately, managed to climb up the ladder of power!!  Some seem to have acquired selective hearing when it comes to what people want.  Worse still, people have become apathetic about it. 

More about the Badman stuff.   Read  this.

Poor bloke is feeling a tad picked on.   Bless   Might be because of this

Suppose that's what you get for producing a shoddy piece of work, the contents of which tars our home edding community quite badly.. like we're child abusers.  A set up.  "Write a report but it must include tosh like this, this and this, blah, blah.   Autonomous home education, particularly, is under threat and we're boiling mad about the slurs and untruths and dodgy figures.   Home edders are fighting back.  Sick of all the lies and sick of all the bullying from the overbearing and controlling powers that be. 

Home edding isn't a doddle.  There is no financial help for one thing but I'd rather have a happy home edded child  than the miserable, incontenent schooled one who barely ate or slept.  I know people who send their kids to school.   That's their choice.  Everyone is different and if it works for them and suits their philosophy then all well and good.  As a parent you do what's best for your kids.and home edding is right for us.  It is legal but I find that lots of people are unaware that it's a valid choice.   Then there's the overbearing LEAs that some home edders have to deal with...

Anyway, people should be made aware of what dodgy tactics and spin are being used against our community and how our enquiries.... as to where they get their figures from, have been and are being fobbed off by the DCSF and the like.  It is all very dodgy and, quite frankly, it stinks!!! 

If we lose this freedom, then others will go too and so not just home edders will be affected.  

This, this and this   Home edders who are decent people doing their best to sort these bad guys out.  


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