Saturday, 1 November 2008

Flu and Soup

We made the Butternut Squash Soup and French Bread (recipes in sidebar) today and all turned out well:o)  With the bread I'd advise to not go overboard on the water!!!   You can guess the scenario we had.  lol

Junior has succumbed to this fluey lurgy and is feeling a bit yuk, poor thing. Vick has come to the rescue, again....and rest.

So, Min has been in charge of entertaining the mogs (err, keeping them in order).  They have been well behaved to be honest, though.  Maybe they sense that Junior isn't so well and are giving her a bit of space...bless 'em.  Helps if you have the central heating on, too.  Cats love warm radiators:o)  

Tomorrow is unmangle brain day.  Must try and figure out how to upload piccies from camera to mac.  Can't see the wood for the trees at the mo.  Am pixled.   Sigh...very irritating.


Dawny said...

I love the foot square garden - looks do-able even to me :-) Not saying I'll ever manage to do it but it does look interesting.
I love the recipe site too - thanks :)
Hope junior feels well soon x

Brad said...

I hope everyones back on thier feed!