Monday, 10 November 2008

That's My Boy!!!

Have to laugh.

With the state of things nowadays and all the tosh going on around me and the world, some people are getting their sequins in a twist for the daftest of things.. like this !

Is it me, or are JS and Jo Brand alike?  They could be twins.


Hope his hips don't give out and that he wins it!!  One up for the normal folk.  He might even encourage non-swollen headed J Public to have a bash.  Vote the judges off I say!!  lol

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I agree, John's great - that's why he's still there! And, he actually does have a good stab at the dances, I think, you can tell he's having a ball - I'd rather watch him than some of the others any day (I do like Jodie Kidd, though)

And, the judges need to understand reverse psychology - the more they beat him down, the more the public will love him - Britain loves an underdog! :)