Monday, 17 November 2008

Not a Prickly Problem

We were walking Cilla tonight
when we spotted our first hedgehog of the year. Was quietly trundling along (until we came along and then it hot-footed it down someone's drive).

This is the first time Junior has actually seen one 'in real life' as she puts it. She was asking me loads of questions about the creatures and I was explaining how (during my own childhood) we used to play host to a female each year. She 'borrowed' our outhouse and raised her broods there, year in/year out. They all were different in their features...and so cute. It's a shame you don't see them so much nowadays. (blumming fencing.....AND cars!!) So, the questions were a flowing and now I can feel a project coming on:o))))...and a hedgehog house being built....pronto.

Junior is very much into music at the mo. Loads of stuff on her blog..and it's so varied:o)...which is nice. She spends ages researching stuff and getting the tunes she wants.

Bedroom's a tip...still:o(

She gets the sniffing out music stuff from me. I'm always playing DJ here. Can't be pinned down to any style or genre am afraid. I like everything...except doobedoo Cleo Laine type jazz...and brass bands...and some Motown..or is that Mowtown? So.......Saturday night is usually....gooooood! The oldies sometimes are the best...but not always:o))

James Morrison & Keisha Buchanan in sidebar......Ahhhhh:o)))

If family are reading this. DON'T buy Min a karaoke machine for Crimble!!! Bad news for neighbours:o))


Clare said...

Ooh! I've seen more hedgehogs in the last year than I have my entire life...might be because having children makes you notice things more though, I guess! We've had two in our garden - we had to research them on the internet of course and found out that they like weetabix and raisins (as you'd expect ;-)) so keep having to clear up plates of soggy weetabix from the garden each morning LOL! There was one in my parents' garden the other day too. Hope you can entice yours to stay - lovely for children to see real wildlife.

Brad said...

I had to laugh about your not wanting a karaoke machine. My sister reminded me the other night of how I liked to seek out 'problem' toys to give to my niece at Christmas when she was young. One had literally thousands of pieces and parts. The year I got her an electric guitar was especially memorable.

Hope your doing well!

Minnie said...

Hi Clare,
We live in the countryside virtually and yet we see very little in the way of real wildlife. Strange. Apart from the meeses that the mogs bring in and eat to pieces. Yuk!

Hi Brad,
You and I are on the same wavelength re Crimble pressies. You are a cool uncle. Grandaugter of Min is not yet a year old....but I am already planning....lots of loud pressies. Non of that fluffy stuff. The drum kit is going to be mega:o))) lol