Saturday, 8 November 2008


We're babysitting brother's dog, who is a Scooby Doo lookalike, very soft, cat-pecked and blummin HUGE!!!  And he is currently howling for his buddy:o)  Very sad but cute, too, IYSWIM?  He loves my bro, who has gone to Silverstone for the day  (pressie from my niece to her car mad dad)  :o))

Today we're going to plant garlic.  I missed out last year but this time there will be no digging.  I'll plant them in empty tin cans and wire them to the back wall (to save space in my SquareFoot Garden).  Come Christmas I may dangle sparkly lights around them for added prettiness:o)

Came down yesterday to find a certain Tinkerbelle up on the lounge curtain pole, trying to figure out how to get down.   Sigh.
She looks huge on photos, but she's actually quite tiny and slender.  Still got a mean looking, don't mess with me face, even though she's a softy:o))

And, the mogs are getting really good at deleting ansaphone messages and even switching the thing off now!! Perfect

The weather is the usual...wet.   So we are all cosied up here.  Heating on.  Mogs cuddled together.    Bro kindly brought some books down for Junior.  A few of his old maths books which are, surprisingly, quite interesting.  Better than the tosh you get in the shops nowadays.  So, might place these 'innocently' around the place, open and inviting for Junior to peruse:o)  lol 
Bro is Junior's favourite uncle.  He always bears gifts and they are often made by him.  Little bitty, thoughtful  things that she appreciates just 'cos they're from him.  I think he misses his daughter now that she is all grown up and living her own life hundreds of miles away.  He's the one I would trust to look after Junior if I should peg it early.   He's fun and never raises his voice or loses his temper.  A Mr Happy-Go Lucky who makes you feel safe type of fella.   They would have fun together those two...and he'd let her keep cats:o))  And he'd home ed.  Bonus!!  lol

Am trying to get on with making Christmas pressies, but it's so difficult without Junior spotting what I'm doing (some are for her).  She's started going to bed early lately which means, theoretically, that there is my timeslot for making the goodies.  Trouble is, I'm as knackered as she is at that time and so I usually nod off, too.   Bad news if I'm using the sewing machine.  Ouch!!   Can't win!!  lol  



Dawny said...

she's beautiful Min

Julie said...

Poor dog - our dog howls for us if we are not there. I wish he wouldn't!!
I would be interested in the name of the maths books, to see if I can track them down! Have tried leaving modern ones around but no takers!
Plus - I love the idea of planting garlic in tins! Rabbits and mice eat everything in my garden - but tins on the fence!!

Minnie said...

Thanks Dawny:o)

Hi Julie. The books are REALLY old, so no pictures, but there are loads of exercised with answers at the back of the first one. There are money exercises, but they are with pounds, shillings and pence!! Told you they were old. lol The second one you need the teachers book for the answers.

The titles sound as though they might be really hard, but I don't think they're too bad.

1) Metric Mechanical Mathematics by A J Raven.(Heinemann Educational Books, London) ISBN 0 435 500806 7
2) Two Grade Arithmetic Metricated by K Lovell & C H J Smith (Ginn and Cocmpany Ltd) ISBN 0 602 21883 7 Pupils 0 602 218877 X Teachers
3) An Illustrated Dictionary of Maths by Howard Brayton (James Brodie Limited, Bath) ISBN 7142 0300 9


Julie said...

Thanks minnie - I appreciate that. Will check them out!
Am planning to start 'The Life of Fred' after Christmas with them, but really want a back-up incase they don't go for it!!

Brad said...

Bro sounds like the perfect uncle - And I have a psosition open for one of your cats. I SO need more messages deleted!