Friday, 14 November 2008

Tuffy Tree

Junior and I have been trying to conjure up ideas for Christmas decorations and came up with this.  We are wary of having a 'traditonal' tree... because of the tearaway mogs, so we hope they leave this one alone.

Basics of what you need.  Cut the card into a cone shape.  Double sided tape was easier to stick the edges down, 'cos it can be a bit of a fight getting them to stay put!  You could use any colour card/paper to suit your preference.  Even glue down cheaper wrapping paper onto plain card.  Anything goes.
You could use an old tin for a 'plant pot' but you need to weigh it down and use the dowelling as a centre trunk.  Stick it to the bottom and attach it to the inside top of the tree with double sided tape, other wise it'll wobble for England and keel over. We tried dried beans.  If you stuck to a colour theme, it could look quite posh:o)

Honey Pot inspecting!!  We decided not to use the pot at the bottom because of the weight of the chocolates and because we used a firm enough bit of card, it stands up well  enough on its own.    

Chocolate Laden 'Tree'.  You'll always be able to tell if a certain person has nicked on!  lol...  Of course Junior....not known for being a minimalist,  did a pizza job and used two thirds of the tin.    You could stick on favourite long as they're in wrappers (if you intend them to be eaten). (we used the double sided tape to stick ours on with)   Would make a nice little hand made pressie for someone.  Made with love..and all that:o)

Junior has spent this morning sussing out the camera. She's sussed out how to use the video facility on it, which I fear is bad news. Early morning camera stuck in my unglamorous face I am not looking forward to! lol


Sam said...

what a clever idea! I'm not sure it would work in our house, as it would be cleared of all decorations in 5 minutes flat! Lol.
I'll have to see what I can come up with.

Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a great idea and i'll probably make one as well, thanks.
But i think i'll have to buy double quantity of chocolates because i am sure in less than a day it will be gone!

Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous - what a great idea! :)