Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Thread Tales

Been to see my Mother today. She's not well..again. Five hour+ return journey when one relies on public transport:O(

She was telling me stuff, as usual, about her tough war life and I've decided that I'm finally going to write a book about it. Not a book, but you know what I mean..I do:O) Yes..I'm going to attempt to document it!

She had me tittering today with her tales about Dad and how they passed the time when he was chronically ill and bed-bound... because the local authority-funded stair lift took six months to arrive and be installed!! Meaning, that he couldn't make the lung-exhausting trip downstairs very often...so he was a virtual prisoner and so Mother spent a lot of time upstairs to keep him company. Mother is a crafter like me and, to occupy him, she had Dad counting cross stitch squares out to her while she did the sewing. It saved her eyes and time and gave him something to do..or so she thought. After a while, she noticed that the pattern was not quite going to plan...and she saw that Dad was too engrossed in the horse racing on tv to give her "proper" instructions. She said "I was supposed to be sewing a dove but it was turning into a bloody albatross!!" Still, the sampler was eventually finished and hangs on her wall. She told me that Dad said never to let it go. It was "their" work..and it truly is. What makes it more interesting is that she didn't have the thread she needed. Couldn't get out to buy stuff as Dad hated being left alone incase he had trouble breathing. So, she had some old curtains and stripped the threads from the weave and used that for the cross stitching. Brilliant or what? She says that if she'd been able to get the proper threads then it would be magnificent but I told her I don't think it could be any better, given the story.

So..to home edding.....Junior had her Gran fix.....aka being spoiled and learned a bit more Uki.

We is knackered with all the travelling! Been feasting on ricotta and spinach pizza with salad and then chocolate croissants. Pets have been fussed, fed and watered. 8.30pm and Junior's sparko on the sofa!! Bless.

Time for me to think a way out of my latest dilemma. I rarely have a full night's sleep. Always something to worry about...and I definitely have something to worry about of late. Unbloggable.

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