Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Still Orbiting

It's official. I am incontinent!!! Well, only when I sneeze. Good stuff, eh?..the joys of having flu and growing old!!

Junior, bless her, is managing to control her bladder but the sneeze control is not quite there, if you get my meaning?; just get out of the line of fire:O) bless. Still, we feel better than we did a few days ago and may actually venture out soon. I don't sound like Johnny Vegas anymore when I speak. Damn!!:O)) We have managed to give this lurgy to other people, so we're staying in until it's gone.

Still have to paint and laminate mother's flat before the great move next week. So, no pressure, then? In the meantime, we've been quite, err, inventive on the food/meal front, seeing as orbiting head can't think straight when it waddles up to the only one for miles and thus overpriced "local" shop (ie; tissues £1.99 a box!!, "fresh" fruit and veg at Harrod's prices, lol). Next year I'm going to make sure that we have some fruit and veg stored from the allotment. Where we'll store it is another matter, though! lol

When she's been feeling well enough, Junior has been quite industrious in the jewellery making department (think Crimble pressies), done lots of reading, maths..the usual. She's also designing cards, again. We've sorted out a redundant bedroom, which is now going to be a storage/craft zone. Do I believe that it will stay this the lovely, tidy ones seen on other blogs? Nah.. give it a fortnight and it'll end up as cluttered as before. Found one of the older cats in it this morning, atop some of my material stash....she seems to have bagged a nice, comfy corner (by the radiator) as her own. Clever mog:O) Talking of of the young mogs has come into season. She's being VERY friendly and talkative. What joy..... and so picture the scene in this house..with ever hopeful young male mog who has the "woo hoo" look!!

On a more serious note, wonder what the ptb'll have to say when they publish the findings of the home ed consulation on Thursday? Fingers crossed that they see sense and leave us to get on with it:O) Also, ContactPoint is being postponed for a while 'cos of the recent security cockups concerning the child benefit discs fiasco. They should see sense and scrap it anyway. Use the money for something useful/practical for a change and get away from this dreadful monitoring and surveillance culture. Tell yer, politics and jobsworth red tape drive me mad!!! Going for another mint and honey tea:O)) xx

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