Friday, 9 November 2007

Smelly Cat

Today we have been reorganising and tidying so that our resources are more accessible and organised. Have a ton of stuff that is no longer appropriate for Junior that needs to shipped onto another home. I've also got loads of shredding to do. I will be shredding for a long, long time!! Pity I don't have a pet rodent, 'cos I could keep it in bedding forever. But maybe that's not such a good idea with having felines around.

Popeye has been "christened" tonight.

The mogs were having their usual runaround downstairs tonight. (The pooches were safetly in their crate.) Young mogs have developed a fondness for the budgies..getting up close and personal....mesmerised! Anyway, I oiked Pops off the unit that Fred n Wilma budgies are on and he stomped to the other side of the room, gave me that "Awwwwww, but why can't I have them?" look and then it happened. The smell......of.... singed/scorched fur!! Have to say that that's what you get is you stand so close to a gas fire with yer tail up in the "toasting marshmallows" mode.

I did the "rugby tackle" and whipped him away before he became a kebab!! He's ok.

These young cats are a blummin liability now. They can open I have to go and buy locks tomorrow. And a cat flap (previous one ended up as a necklace on the dog). And now a fire guard!! Arghhh!! So much for a quiet life.

Junior is stressing out with all this....especially the door opening. We've watched them do it...and my God they are so CLEVER..especially Olive!! She's definitely still under house arrest until her jaw is unwired but she's the biggest culprit. She can jump so high that she MUST be related to Tigger!! Young mogs could, feasibly, escape outdoors through the hole in the door that once was a catflap and into the big, wide world..never to be seen again. And all while we're asleep...according to Junior. Thanks kid. Just crank up my insomnia a bit more.

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ruth said...

The way you write it had me rolling with laughter. Our dog is fond of sticking her tail end in the candles on the hearth then looking perplexed as to where the awful stink is coming from.