Sunday, 25 November 2007

Snot Piggin' Fair!!

We have bad colds:O((

Junior is feeling pretty yuk, sore throat, irritable, chesty cough, achey and has a magnificent snotty hooter. Bless. I'm not far behind her in the feeling ill department. We are going through tissues, lip and nose moisturisers at a rate of snots!! Lol... crap joke..sorry:O) Trying to keep warm, but you're up against it when you live in hill billy land. It's so cold up here that I'm even contemplating wearing a balaclava to help warm up my frozen head!! Even shy cat is coming into the house.,,and quite early, too.

When we feel better, we're going to make some new felt Crimble decorations for Junior's new pink 3ft Crimble tree, gifted to her by Son no 1's other half. She's become a little fixated on us have a "proper" big tree with all the decorative finishes. Mother here, on the other hand, is not too keen.....Junior is imagining picture book lovely Crimble tree with lots of shiny baubles, lots of twinkly lights and fairy on top.... and I am imagining picture book Crimble tree with young cats swinging off every twinkle bauble laden branch...and then having to clear up the mess!!

Anyway, in between sneezes, Junior has been busying herself with a bit of story writing. We've measured out Mother's flat for laminate and J's been doing a bit of maths working out the area, figuring out what of and where her Grans's stuff will go... And, she and son no 2's girlfriend made a chocolate, minstrel covered cake together. Junior had to show no 2's girlfriend what to do!! I left them both to it, with a cookery book or two. I figured if girl friend no 2 is going to have a baby then she needs to learn how to cook and bake as you can't live on takeaways forever!!

Meanwhile, in another corner of the country...and some may think I'M animal mad...well, this sweet little thing is my 30 something niece's Crimble pressie from her hubby. Miniature pot bellied pig...she easily fits into a cat carrier and is currently awaiting being named. Little piggy is going to be a house piglet and will have company in the form of two dogs, two rabbits, two ferrets and an African land snail:O) I've been asked to think of a name and I can only currently think of Persephone. They'll no doubt give her an appropriately cool name:O)

We've done loads of HE stuff, but my orbiting, mucous-filled head isn't playing ball and so I'll blog about that later on!! Going for a lie-down.

Young cats, of course, want to play....ALL THE TIME!!!! And, they're not too hot on tidying up after themselves!! grrrr.

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