Sunday, 11 November 2007

Bread and Wine

When Junior was younger she had a little bowling kit bought for her. The sort you get from ELC and the like. She, of course, took little interest in this pricey gift and it ended up being charity shopped. She's one of those kids who hates being told what to do. She can entertain herself, thank you very much!! She often toddles off and does her art and invents things. So, this morning she's been busy and made herself an indoor bowling set...from little plastic pop bottles. She redesigned and jazzed up the outside of the fruit shoot bottles and is busy having a game as we speak. Young mogs are, of course, getting into the spirit of things and are joining in (they keep nicking the home made ball and annoying my little designer) :O) She wants more pins so is busy drinking through our supply of fruit shoots that we bought yesterday!! (a BOGOF offer). We went for a long autumnal walk to a nearby village to get a few supplies in and enjoyed it muchly. It was quite crisp (this being hill billy land) so I think I'll have to knit us both one of those Biggles hats...the type that have flaps to cover yer ears. Some of the trendy peeps wear them but I'll no doubt look like a bag woman with mine on. Don't care really.... I've now got to the age where I don't give a bugger what I look like.....comfort is all!!!! It was nice to be able to kick leaves about:O)

We pass two little ponies on our way there and back on this walk. There are loads of horses and cattle in the fields around here but these two are special. When they see Junior they come racing across at speed to see if we have anything for them. I don't know what you can give ponies for a treat. Is it the odd sugar lump or a piece of carrot? I seem to remember that you have to be careful what you feed them as they can get colic. Junior'll google this and I can see another little project coming on. Little ponies are just stuck in this coats on them and no shelter from what I can see. Oh, if I had the money and land I'd take 'em home!! Junior frets that they'll end up as pet food.

We talk about allsorts on our walks. Sit her at home and force learning then it would go in one ear and out t'other but on a walk she's more in control and seems more stimulated....... asks me loads of questions en route. Yesterday, we got talking about churches and history and how some churches look more appealing than others and the reasons she thinks why. I reckons that could be the start of another project, too.

We made chocolate brownies and bread today. The brownies are the best we've ever made yet. Totally delish and were made from fairtrade chocolate. The bread is on the second rise. We made a plaited loaf and Junior made some rolls. Just need to make the soup and job done. Hope the bread works 'cos I could really get into making it on a regular basis...the kneading is totally relaxing:O)

Son no 1 rang. He's been on a day trip to France with the in-laws. He doesn't really go to get anything remotely traditionally French....he goes for the aftershaves, etc which are cheaper there. He asked me what I wanted bringing back. Can't really think what you can get on such a trip that's traditionally French.. apart from cheese and wine. (I really wanted a pasta making machine, but I'll wait until he goes to Italy for that. LOL!!) So, I said a bottle of proper French wine. Apparently, he's got me ten!! Bless

Remembrance Sunday today. Much respect to those brave people who lost and risk their lives to help keep our freedoms. xx

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