Thursday, 8 November 2007


Junior has been busy making diaries for the kittens. These are tiny diaries..about four lines each page and approx six pages per "book". I think she's going to see how it goes before super-sizing. She's been busying herself with lots of writing and craftwork. Not too hot on the tidying up, though!

We've been holed up today as it's far too cold, rainy and windy to venture anywhere. Even the animals are staying in. Shall have to get creative and make them some coats and hats. lol mmm...must remember to look for patterns. Maybe this could be something for our business empire:O)

The younger mogs have taken to feeding themselves as they've got fed up of waiting for their nosh....they want feeding at 6am..and don't I know it!!! They can get the biccies out of the box. Knock box over, bash it about, get paw in and grab biccies. Job done. They've even figured out how to open doors.

Actually, at the moment I'm very envious of people who live in remotish places and can hole up for winter, away from the worries of red tape and the modern world. We've been reading some of these lovely blogs of people who do; preserve their home grown stuff..enough to see them through the cold months so they can get on with home edding, life, projects, etc without unwanted interruption. Bit windy up in Scotland today I hear. Hope everyone's managed to hang on to their roof tiles:O)

So, at some point this week we are going to attempt to make and bake our own bread. Imagine the cleanup on that!!


ruth said...

Hi Min if you email me at I will invite you to read it;)

dottyspots said...

Hmmmm, my mum sometimes gets snowed in on the farm, she's rarely too pleased about it though (wants to buy a house in England that she can stay in to avoid the Norwegian winter - and she is Norwegian.)

The grow fruit and veg (they have orchards) and she makes bread, cakes (which are *known* in the locality) and preserves, which she serves up to guests (they run a B&B and have farm visits, her dh also does walks up to the summer farm and mum meets them there with coffee and waffles), so is very capable of planning in advance for such things.

She doesn't like getting cut off though even though she's a pretty self-reliant person.

I bake bread pretty much every day - I'm useless at kneading though so I get a machine to do that (because otherwise the bread is like a brick - with machine it's nice and fluffy) and then bung it in the oven (no point in using a breadmaker to bake it as it makes a tall loaf which is useless when you're a family of 6 and need a long one!) :)

I can also make rather good gluten and dairy-free bread too (oh and very nice gluten and dairy-free chocolate brownies - but I do use eggs, so not ideal for vegans - I don't know how successful an egg replacer would be).

dottyspots said...

Oh and I want small, itty bitty mogs too *wail*. Don't think my not so small crotchety cat would be too impressed though, Gilbert would probably harrass them and chances are Monty would crush them with enthusiasm.

One day I will probably be known as the 'cat lady' - having outlived dh and adopted atleast 30 cats... chances are my eldest would move back in with me as that would be his idea of heaven (plus a few misc. rodents, a couple of ferrets, etc.) Oh and goats, I'd have to have a couple of goats...

I think the smell would ensure I got plenty of peace and quiet :D

Minnie said...

My mum's Ukrainian and she still expects Siberian winters each year, so she always has tons of supplies in..just in case. lol Lots of packets of soup (zuppa), pasta, rice, biccies....carbs..and tins!! Ends up sending me home with a food parcel most times:O) And there's no way any prevailing wind could get to my mum's "parts" due to the many layers she insists on wearing. She virtually waddles up the road in her Soviet/Eskimo-like getup! 'Tis funny to see.

Haven't tried the bread yet...think that will be tomorrow. I did have a breadmaker, which I used about ten got put into "storage" and I oiked it out the other week. It conked out on me, first go and is now in the shed waiting to go to the tip. It's only a couple of years old, too. My niece reckons she can get me one for under a tenner from Superdrug in Kent, so I wait with interest to see if she can bag me one:O)

The choc brownies sound yummy:O)