Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Swelling Family

No blogging been done due to unforseen circumstances!!!! Been a busy few days, particularly family-wise. Some stuff being of the serious, drive you round the twist type and unbloggable, but some not.

One being...Mother..who was supposed to be moving in with us, imminently... and now isn't. She's got a flat nearby, which is good, 'cos she'll have her space (and her furniture!) and we'll have ours. We'll be able to see one another on a daily basis. Junior is very happy that Gran is coming to live nearby. They love each other so much and get up to allsorts together...which is nice. My own gran died when I was very young and so I'm glad that Junior is able to enjoy this relationship. Uki lessons are in the offing....and tales of her childhood..and WW2..so Junior will have unique history lessons:O) In turn, Gran gets to learn the latest dance moves and fashion:O) Plus, Gran's bed is nice and comfy for those little snoozes:O)

So, she wants everything to be painted white. And the floor laminated...no pesky dust catching carpets for Siberian mama!! Seeing as I'm doing it all, I'll soon be an albino-like hunchback! I mean, how hard can it be to laminate a floor?

Talking of grans.....going to be one myself! How about that? Yes, I know...I'm WAY too young:O) Grey hairs?.....I've already been at the Nice n Easy!!!

Junior's been busy. It'll turn up on her blog soon:O)

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dawniy said...

how did the nice n easy go ?
you'll make a lovely gran :-)