Thursday, 5 April 2012

What goes around....and all that

The weather's bonkers!

Last week it was really hot, yesterday we had loads of snow up here in the Hill Billies and now's all gone.

The garden room roof is leaking. The cat litters are kept there and two just happened to be a direct hit for the leak! So, we now have trays of a concrete like substance...which I am tempted to use in a not so nice fashion!!!...see below...

I wish I could be as clever as the kid in Home Alone and think up ingenious traps for intruders. The other morning, I was in the back garden with arthriticky dog and two blokes came out of next door's back gate. This isn't that unusual as they have 'workmen associates' in now and again. They had walked up and down next door's garden and on coming out saw me and asked if I had any scrap metal. You know where this is going, don't you? Yes, turns out they had nicked a load of stuff , including a tv. Junior came down and told me that she'd just been in her bedrom and spotted them shinnying up our fence to, presumably, see what they could get but were confronted by half a dozen hissing, pissed-off mogs...(they growl when strangers are about/too close - they're great little warning 'machines. Bart (who is HUGE!) will actually 'bat' you one around the ear hole as you go past him, if he's up on a shelf or bookcase. lol) The thieves broke the top of our fence. Hope their bits drop off...and that it's very painful!!! When I asked not so nice neighbour about it, I got my head bitten off. Think she left her downstairs window open and so that's how they'd have got the tv, after having legged up over the gate and unbolting it. Not sure if she's reported it, though. Probably not. Anyway, I shall tell the police about it, as they tried to tresspass on our property and I have Junior to think about. Never see a cop about nowadays, though. What's the betting that I have to make an appointment to report the incident?

The hedge is definitely staying put. I think I have made my point re security. Hedges...prickly and not easy to climb over...v Fences...easy peasy to get over.

Junior has been given some of those decorated Easter egg type of decorations that you hang on twig you see in the flower shops, etc. They're in Cath Kidston colours..sort of. So, she'll be out today, foraging in our NEWLY TIDIED AND PLANTED UP back garden for the appropriate sized twiglets. Bet the display doesn't last over Easter and that tonight we will hear the sounds of the eggs being ping-ponged around the house by the Usual Suspects....Bart, Tinks, Popeye and Olive. You can almost hear them asking 'Anyone for a game of doubles?' lol

Meanwhile, I'm going to electrify the fence! We've also got loads of big paint pots. Wonder if I could rig some up as in Home that next time Junior spots the Tea Leafs she can launch them for, hopefully, a direct hit on somewhere that hurts!!

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Nikki Haxell said...

Oh no! That's terrible! But like you said, the likelihood of the police being interested...

They've said on 3 different occasions that they would send community support workers out to us. Have we seen ever one? No, of course not.

Two of these times were after my eldest was assaulted (on two separate occasions). It took 6 months for the police to come back to us for a statement and we reckon only because they nabbed the person concerned for a different crime.