Friday, 13 April 2012

That Blooming Dog

The dog did it...again.

Bulldozed the dog gate, just as Big Bro arrived..... Got WELL AND TRULY stuck this time. She was so pleased to see him...never saw the dog gate! lol

Well, he shoved and I pulled. Nothing doing. After ten minutes we still had a dog with a dog gate around her middle. We got a metal hacksaw out to try and cut off the bars. Nothing doing. So, he went in search of better hacksaw...searching my toolbox. Shuffled off to garden room where said toolbox is kept. Meanwhile, Cilla was not having it. What! no attention! she wiggled out of her metal tutu and toddled off in search of her audience! :o) Big Bro has come up with the idea of replacing the bars with wood. Good idea me thinks. Get on with it, then! lol

He is here to babysit our house and pets as we in turn are going to babysit Son No 1's place and his dog. He's away for the So, we have got a long weekend with......Sky TV, central heating and Grandchild of Min! I can finish off my next blanket in comfort. Yay Junior is all packed up, ready to go:o) Hope he's got those pizzas in for us! lol

Hope you have a lovely weekend. x

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ann said...

have a lovely weekend too !!!!