Friday, 30 March 2012


Well, I have a 'partner in crime,' so to speak, re the rickety joints. Someone who understands how frustrating it is not to be able to physically do what you want.

We are babysitting Big Bro's cat and dog while he visits his daughter, who lives at the other end of the country. The cat, Scratchy, has to bunk in with Junior (our mogs beat him up) while I've got the dog. He's an old lad..way over 10 now. A big, Scooby Doo type of thing and as soft as muck. He is, understandably, REALLY attached to Big Bro and misses him terribly when he goes away. So, I have to molly coddle him a bit otherwise he howls the house down.. He could sleep at the end of my bed, but he can't climb stairs very well now due to...rickety joints. So, we're bunked in together downstairs. Me on the sofa and he on the recliner. Moaning and groaning in stereo. The mogs love it with me being downstairs. They come in to visit me, in turn, so see if I am ok. One or two give me the old padding on the shoulder or leg... massage and some like to keep my feet warm. Bless 'em. 'tis peaceful and quiet. If we had a downstairs loo then it would be ideal. lol

I have, somehow, managed to pick up a 'hernia' type injury...ooop there...if you get my meaning. Walk in a very odd way. lol Am currently, very tentatively perched on a hot water bottle which will, hopefully, ease things. Such joy!


dawny said...

awwww your son's dog sounds lovely :-)

ann said...

THANK GOODNESS...i can access your blog again !!!! NEVER think your blog is makes my day and is the best me and my kids have EVER read !!!!! keep going you and the mogs are our inspiration !!!! xxxx

Minnie said...

Aw..Thank you for your lovely comments and for caring:o) Has lifted my heart. xxx