Tuesday, 10 April 2012

The Full Moon Thing

You can tell it's recently been full moon time.

Holy Moley...the mogs AND the dogs have been REALLY unsettled lately, especially at night. Has been driving me potty....sleep deprivation. They're just not themselves at the mo and are proper hyper and snappy.

I put Cilla to bed in the kitchen last night. Nice warm dog bed with woollen blanket, freshly laundered. All her food and water available. There is a dog gate, so I don't have to close the door on her. Anyway, this morning found that she'd squeezed through the dog gate bars like bloody Popeye, of eating spinach fame and caused havoc in the hallway....rubbish bag chewed open plus she'd relieved herself, too. Not being that pleased to behold such a sight first thing in the morning, I put her back in the kitchen! Well, she wasn't having it and became very stressed out and virtually bulldozed through the dog gate again....only this time she got stuck...one half of dog gate at right side, other at left...dog in niddle. Dog gate was like a bloomin tutu on her!! I had a walking dog gate in the kitchen. And it was only bloody 6.45 AM!!! She had managed to dislodge it from the door frame and so there's me, cursing away at the dratted dog and trying to get the blooming thing off her at the same time. Push, shove..... TEN minutes trying to shove her back, then forwards. Eventually got her free but my, she was proper potty...and I was well and truly peed off. Apparently, I woke up Junior with my yelling...and probably the neighbours, too. Maybe the dog can sense something in the kitchen. I don't know. At the moment, she won't leave my side. Neither will bro's dog but he's not as bad as Cilla, though.

I've been sussing out a few websites and blogs that talk about saving money. The frugal ones....seeing as I need to save up for a new dog gate now. I found one today where the authors reckon you can feed a person three meals for a £1 a day. Does anyone manage that, I wonder? Can't see how you can do that, unless you buy stuff in bulk and factor it out that way. Bet you lose weight. I ought to put the dog on a bloody diet after Dog Gate!! Anyway.....we're going to have a go. Luckily Junior likes porridge, so that's breakfast sorted. lol. 9p for that they reckon. Shall have to work on the remaining 91pence! When we figure it out I'll let you know what meals we've come up with. But, I can't work out how we'll get the old 5-a-day within the budget.

Talking of healthy... on another blog...The hedgecombers... there is a post about nettles...using them in a smoothie type drink...without blanching first so that the 'sting' is gone! Eek. Anyway, turns out it was not so bad....so...seeing as we have a new patch of said nettles at the bottom of the garden...I think I might have a go. The recipe is...2 bananas, water, some berry puree and the nettles, all whizzed up in a blender. Makes two portions, apparently. Could nettles be one of our 5-a-day? Can't see Junior going for that. Nettle smoothie. Don't think so.

Also, there was a tip on cleaning a manky glass oven door. I nearly had a cardiac arrest because it just looked like ours and I was getting a bit paranoid, wondering which creep had posted a sneaky pic of ours up on the internet to shame me into cleaning it. (maybe it's the full moon thing) The blogger got a load of bicarb of soda and added water to make a thick paste, slapped it on the oven door and glass and left if for a while. Scraped it off with a window paint scraper type of thingy and it came up really sparkly clean. We're def going to have a go at that. There's me thinking I'd have to buy one of those kits that cost lots of poundies and now I don't. Yay

Anyway, time for beddies. Shall have to have Klingon aka Cilla with me this time. Bugger! More sleep deprivation. (she sneaks on when I'm asleep and likes to lay on my legs...probably because they're pillow like...being so podgy! And believe it or not, not being able to feel/move my feet keeps me awake. You'd think being in the 'land of nod' that it wouldn't matter.... Work that one out!

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dawny said...

awwww poor Cilla !!! and poor you!! a good job you managed to extract her from the gate though or you'd have had to get the firebrigade cut her out!
hugs xxx