Saturday, 7 April 2012

Clever and Not So Clever

Bad Mother!

Junior got a fiver for Easter, from dear old me. And a large bar of her favourite chocolate. She also got a tenner from her aunt this morning, so she is well chuffed...and far richer than me! Anyway, she's gone off for a mooch around (shopping without moi). Armed with her money, just incase she sees some nice nails....she's into the glue-on sort....growing her own is too much like hard work! sigh. Told her she won't be able to buy any because of the she might be deemed stupid enough to sniff the stuff. So, I'm betting that some form of lipgloss might make it back to Hill Billy House.

Well, after a morning of diligently clearing out, disinfecting, replacing litters with clean litter....I am well and truly pooped...'scuse the pun. So, armed with a nice cup of tea..after being suitably antibacterialised... I head off to the calm and relative peace of my bedroom for a spot of 'internet'. I am engrossed in Cut out and Keep and Grit adventures. Well, you know that feeling...of being watched..... I eventually turn around to find that the mogs have crept in...ever so quietly so as not to get rumbled and booted out. They are curled up together (looking very cute and smug) on my new T K Maxx candy pink and very posh quilt.

Bad Mother thing.....Well, Junior just happened to leave the last big chunk of her Cookie Crumble chocolate bar on the Wacom. (she'd been perusing the bus timetable) Can't be doing with that!!! on the pc bits.....tut bad Mummy scoffed it. No more crumbs. Wonder if she'll believe me if I tell her that the pooches got it? Nah!

The Cath Kidston type Easter egg decorations lasted until this morning. She'd ribboned them together, made a fancy Happy Easter placard and hung it..high up... on her bedroom door. Bad move. Didn't take long for the little acrobats to seek and destroy!
Dear Junior....Told you we'd get the ping pong things. Thanks for the ribbon too. Bart has been his usual not so bright self and munched some, just like he always does. He's even eaten some of your pink body scrubby thing that you hang in the bathroom. We think he's 'returned' them to you because he puked up outside your door. love, the Mogs xxx


ann said...

lol....started keeping our mogs in too..we lost one last week...he was killed outright on the more.... the remaining 7 are tucked up inside and im feeling like a toilet attendant lol. do you have a tray for each cat ???

Minnie said...

Hi Ann. Aw. Sory about your mog.

We have a 20 foot walk in run at the back of the house so our lot can at least perch on the viewing shelves and feel the wind and sun without getting splatttered or hurt. The run was made on an absolute shoestring using mostly recycled bits. Cost about £50 all in all.

Toilet Attendant. Too true! lol

You're supposed to have a litter tray for each mog plus one spare, which we do, usually. I clean ours out using mop and bucket technique. lol Bleach and washing up liquid. Sometimes I'll put a capful of nice washing detergent liquid stuff in, which makes it pong nice. You can get a Lavender and Orange scented Dettol disinfectant. Purple bottle. About £1.40 and smells divine.

It's amazing how some of the mogs can be such 'bad shots' if you know what I mean. One of really fussy and 'cleans up after some of the lesser fussy felines. You can almost hear him playing holy hell with them for being so untidy.