Sunday, 8 April 2012


I've sussed out how to send piccies from my mobile to my blog! Yay! Actually, it was Junior who should take the praise as she figured it out. We thought my phone was too old and dicrepit but, apparently it's not:o)

Have been trying to get some more recipes that are tasty and thrifty. Comes in very handy when you're as poor as a church mouse like me.

I've had this book forever and never really used it. I once was on a mission to list 100 things to make with potatoes and think I only got into the 20's. Shall have to finish that particular project but it's harder than you think. Anyway, I have been craving gnocchi after trawling many a vegan site. So, I had a go today. I'm determined to go the whole hog re the vegan thing. I've even found recipes for vegan goats cheese and mozzarella! Hope they turn out better than the bouncing squash balls that we ended up with when trying to make seitan! lol

Well, past attempts to make gnocchi have, ahem, not been that good and I was really hoping for better results. Stomach was hoping for better results, too. So, I had a bash at it today.
It says in the book to boil the little dumplings for 5 minutes, so Junior dutifully timed. 5 minutes was up and we fished them out. Tomato sauce at the ready. Yum

We got this!


The old stomach was deeply upset, I can tell you. Junior was rolling around the floor, peeing her pants! Still.........what's the saying? KEEP CALM AND CARRY I did...and got this.

Spinach Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce. This is the second bowlful.. I forgot to take a piccie of the first one and it's too late once it's gone down the hatch! I ate this bowful, too.

Gnocchi naked

Stomach was well happy:o) Are gnocchi supposed to be light and fluffy?...'cos these were. Mind you, I used self raising flour instead of plain as that's all I had. Tomato sauce was basic..toms, onions, olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, dried basil, pinch of sugar and chopped up spinach. The gnocchi had chopped spinach in it too. I'm bloody good! lol

I'm trying to get my little home crafting business going a bit more than it has been of late.This is one of my crafting creations. Now with new owner. Junior wanted it REALLY badly as it was so soft and huggy but she couldn't afford the price tag! lol So, she's making one for herself.

Crocheted woollen blanket made from recycled materials. Looks miles better in real life! I was sooo tempted to keep it.Tomorrow's meal is Tamare Pie.....a sort of vegan sheperd's pie with bean and veg filling and mashed spuds with a hint of LIME on top.

Mogs are crashed out. They are obviously worked too hard! lol

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ann said...

theres a brilliant bloke on you tube who does dead cheap easy vegan meals..... the vegan zombie....he has his own you tube section on vegan stuff xx