Tuesday, 27 September 2011

And there's more?

We are up to our ears in boxes, bags and stuff.

Mother is moving. She's had enough of people in her Hillbilly Land village and is going 'home' where she still has a couple of friends who are still alive and on her wavelength....all the rest have, sadly passed on. She can also take her cat. Yay! She's lonely and says at least she'll have someone to talk to:o) She's decided that she may as well have a 'declutter' and is chucking stuff out left, right and centre! I'm a bit alarmed as some of this stuff is of the 'family heirloom' type, most of which is just sentimental to us..priceless.. not worth a jot elsewhere. I'm not ready to let go of it. There's loads of stuff she's made, pictures painted, embroidery, a great framed, black and white piccy of Dad, pegging out his socks:o)

So, I am 'rescuing' the 'clutter'. Stuff that was about my childhood home when I was a young kid.

I am also 'rescuing' other stuff, too, accrued when Mother had her 'magpie' head on! lol Like two suitcases full of balls of mohair wool, which are currently on top of the tumble dryer. What do I do with them? This wool is too itchy for moi! Maybe it can be used for felting? Shall have to see. There's loads of ufo's that I remember from years back here, too, so I will be busy finishing them off....says she:o

Will never be a minimalist. Who would? Comfort hoarder, that's me:o) Touch the memories:o)

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