Saturday, 3 September 2011

Little Chef

I asked Junior the other month what she preferred we had. TV or internet? We cannot afford both, so......?

'Internet' she chirps back without a second thought. 'TV is rubbish. All repeats, antique shows, blah..blah'

Fine with me. So, we do not now have the news on in the background 24/7. Radio will do for that.

If we want to catch up on anything tv-wise then there's the i-Player.

So, lots of stuff has been gotton on with. Books read, cds listened to, stuff made/planted,, places/people visited, etc.

Tonight, I suggested a nice, home-made quorn sweet and sour with noodles, rice and chips for tea. I gets questioned about what exactly is going to go in this dish. Turns my back!!......guess who's in the kitchen making the afore-mentioned quorn sweet and sour with all the trimmings? Smells lovely.

There's a pavlova in the oven, too:o)

I get the washing up, again! lol

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