Monday, 26 September 2011

The Stalkers

Daughter will never be a vegetarian, let alone a vegan.


The Obligate Carnivors were 'stalking' her tonight while she was munching her steak. Surprisingly, they left me alone, as I munched my vege lasgne and chips with courgette and tomato side bit.

In the kitchen, Jimmy managed to chomp his way through a tin of tuna...all on the quiet, so as not to alert the other 'stalkers'! lol

So, as we 'speak'.... Olive is pretty pissed off at missing 'steak time'. ' Ahh, don't look at me' I say, I've got a mini apple pie to 'look forward to' that's been in the oven for FAR TOO LONG......due to the baker (Junior) getting distracted by new phone.....sigh. (memo to Junior an oven timer for Christmas!!)

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