Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Bart is doing really well in the 'retrieve' game. Trouble is, he is now bored. instead of catching his catnip mouse and delivering it to his mistresses's feet, he has decided that the 'let's play cricket' game is much more fun. Trouble is, he bats many a boundary....but it usually ends up behind some piece of 'heavy' furniture.Then...all the mogs me me me me......

Went to the council today. We are no 12 on the allotment waiting list. We should be way higher because we went in, week after week to register for a plot, but the office was always closed. Bah humbug!

Amazing....daughter just asked me what 'bah humbug' means. I can't be that 'miserable' at Christmas, then!!...can I? lol

Son no 1 always refers to himself as 'child no 3'when he phones. Pathetic attempt in the sympathy dept. 'Tis a game we play. lol What do I want for Crrimble? he asks. I say that £5 is the limit for any pressie. So, wonder what we'll end up with? Much more exciting when you have to be more inventive.

Dish clothes for everyone, then! lol

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