Friday, 18 November 2011

Meal Tweaking

We are experimenting with recipes. Times is 'ard!

Anyway, we seem to be okay on the pudding front, it being autumn and there being plenty of puds to make in the 'tummy warming' department. Alas, not the same can be said for the main meal. sigh......

Tonight we tried a lasagne....lentil, mushroom, red pepper and chili, to be precise. I saw one in Tescos the other day and the piccy looked lovely...... so I thought I'd try and create it at home.

Cooked way too many lentils. I thought they would be a little more robust anbd chewy, but they ended up looking like......slop! But, hey ho...carry on. Make no judgements until the tasting time, she tells herself. Junior was looking a bit worried but seemed to be pleased with the finished look of the dish. After tasting, she thought it okay but it was too filling for her. She'd put in too many layers of pasta and I thought there wasn't enough tomato sauce (put in a whole tin plus some puree). is filling..(albeit too carby)....and cheap to make. I think we need to tweak the seasonings and lose some layers of pasta. Didn't have any onions. Maybe that's what was missing taste-wise? Ah, what they hell...gotta tweak the whole bloody lot! Must put it down to not being in a lasagne mood..

Big Bro's camera is SOOPER DOOPER. Just need some new batteries.

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