Tuesday, 22 November 2011

One machine is alive

Back from visiting Mother. Son no 2 took us. Grandchild of Min nobbled junior for attention from the start. Funny how little toddlers love their teen aunties:o)

Well, Mother has this elderly Dyson (vacuum) and said she found it a tad too heavy to manage. Sooooooooo, we got her a smaller vac and did a swap. Yay.

Brought it home and Son no 2 sort of dropped it a bit when extricating it from the boot of the car. Needless to say, Junior sussed it out and mended the poor thing and so we have hoovered every possible surface in the house. Bloody good, these Dysons. lol

Heard there are some ex batts needing a home. They've been raised on an organic farm. Junior and I chose names weeks ago during a 'wish we could have this' conversation. We ended up with about fifty names. lol....Maybe we are destined to have so many. lol Ok...don't think so, but it would be nice to give an elderly hen or two a home for their later years. Am going to suss out our 'wood and wire netting supplies'. lol Daphne and Hilda...Betty...Velma.....Penny, Polly, Titch....could go on forever. Foghorn Leghorn would be the rooster. just because.... lol

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