Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Machines are on Strike

It's soooooooo foggy here today...and cold. Typical November day. Can we afford to have the heating on? I really envy those people who have open fire places/log burning stoves. Am pretty peed off having to rely on outrageously priced energy suppliers. Too expensive. There are only so many jumpers one can put on without keeling over with the weight of them! The mogs LOVE the heating. Quietens them.

Pumpkin soup and autumnal crumble and custard for Sunday dinner today. My quest to have nourishing, nutritional food on a mega tight budget is churning out some pretty unusual stuff. The back of the store cupboard has, at last, seen the light of day! We have been amazed as to what was lurking there. Like...'Oooo, forgot we had that!'...etc' lol I finished off the leftover lentil lasagne. Junior declined and tucked into a monster sized jacket spud.. Have to say that lentil lasagne is a lot nicer the day after baking, but we still think it's nicer made with veggie mince rather than gloopy, orange lentils.

The hoover has blown up. That's the fourth one in two and half years. Now the washing machine is playing up....It's got an led display that's gone a bit barmy and seems to have a mind of it's own at the mo. Put the washing in and the machine seems to be deciding what wash to put on. Don't make 'em like they used to....sigh....

Back to making catnip mice. Pets At Home needn't worry about any competition from me...yet! lol

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