Friday, 18 November 2011

Catnip...our saviour

When Mother moved, she took Jimmy with her. He is her cat and stayed with us for two years until she could find somewhere to live where [pets are allowed..... and she did and so he went with her.

Well, she thinks 'cos she's an old git (her words, not mine) that he must be! "Oh, he's an old kitty now."....sympathetic look....blah.

Well, Jim lad has other ideas. He's a STUD!!!!! Taraaaaa! Likes to play and whizz about like a loon..just like my lot.....(we taught him well and wished we had videod it!).

So, Junior made him a catnip mouse as a leaving pressie and diligently cut out the material, made a litle sack for the catnip, stuffed it into the mouse 'costume', shoved stuffing in and sewed the whole lot up. Didn't look bad at all and I was even even thinking of adding it to my little craft shop. All was going well until Tinks decided that she'd quite like a catnip mouse...and so commenced the steal......

Jimmy's litle pressie was, of course, hi-jacked...and lost. So, tonight, after aforememntioned toy was rediscovered, we put it to the test.

We are a pair of geniuses/ii?

Have managed to get Bart 'the night owl' to 'fetch'. Been chucking the catnip mouse for him and he has been retrieving....for about half an hour, other following.... V cute to watch. Mog puffing his chest out like Macho Cat and one who is now very definitely pooped and out for 'the night'. Super stud! lol

Result! Only 10 partying tonight!

23.39 and I am surrounded by snoring mogs:o)))

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