Monday, 8 August 2011

Gardening Club....Everyone Should Have One

We've been to the local gardening club tonight.

At each meeting there is normally a 'speaker'...who, obviously, gives a talk on his or her subject. Have to say we've found them REALLY interesting and have come away with plants and raffle prizes:o) (Junior 'WON' a jigsaw of the UK once!.....actually, it was my raffle ticket but she went up to collect the prize...under strict instructions...a lovely bottle of wine..which I was going to give to my lovely neighbour. Anyway, she got kyboshed by the women on The Committee who thought that such a lovely young girl would only want for this jigsaw, even though there were other, beauty oriented prizes on the table! Just what every home edded child wants....another jigsaw of the uk. LOL )

J is the youngest..ONLY.... JUNIOR member of this club!!! Pity others don't encourage their kids to go.

Anyway, local show will soon be upon us. She reckons she wants to enter for 'BEST CARROT' and 'BEST ONION'......we have some whoppers on the go! lol

There's loads you can enter marmalade, jams, cakes.......Junior is also going for 'BEST 5 DECORATED BUNS, too'.

Takes the stress away from felines buggering up your decorating! lol

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