Sunday, 7 August 2011

Ah....the screams!

As I might have mentioned before, we have been doing a bit of the old decorating....albeit very slowly. We ripped out the manky, aged, once were cream carpets upstairs...then unexpectedly ran out of money. Didn't help with rickety joints playing up, either.

Anyway, we are 'on with it' again and have managed to get a lot of emulsioning and glossing done, although we are no way yet finished.

This is not as easy as one would emulsion and gloss.. when you have twelve curious mogs and a clumsy pooch turning up supervise, you know:o)

We now have mogs fashioning the latest in white emulsion. ...and is Cilla really THAT grey? sigh...

So, hall, stairs and landing are now not the tango orange/REALLY disgusting crap cream walled with pub carpet on stairs with manky, manky cream carpet on landing corridor of yesteryear. Nooooooo....we are now 'ciel' and white:o) (Ducky eggy blue and white).

It looks lovely. Well, it will do when it's all done:o) I will be sooooooooooooo happy.

The stairs, we have finally decided, will be white. Maybe they will be adorned with a nice blue/fawn/white runner in the future...but, until then....they are going to be white. Nice and crisp, easy to clean/hoover. Ah, I can feel the bliss.

Soooo, Junior volunteers to get the first coat slapped on to the eleven-stepped 'wooden hill'. Ah, bless.

We locked all the mogs out of harm's way...or so we thought. I tell you, you turn your back for ONE minute and it all goes to pot!

There was J, happily painting away and.......WOOOOSH.....a black flash passed by us both!

Megan.......the sanest, normalist, sensibilist cat we have must have found a bloody good spot to hide and decided she wanted to supervise...

You should have heard Junior scream!! lol

I goes in to investigate and finds the little mog's pawprints on newly painted stairs....... all the way up......

If you thought that was bad enough?

Bigger scream later on.

Meg had wooshed into Junior's bedroom. Red with added white paw prints.

I had to titter.

When I have scraped Junior off the ceiling, I will put piccy up of her newly designed carpet. lol..and the finished decor.

Aye, never a dull moment in this house:o)

PS. We learned our lesson well. First coat of white on my bedroom floorboards is down...and not a paw print in sight. lol....but, there's always tomorrow....they've been camped outside my bedroom all day!

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