Wednesday, 31 August 2011

All Shriek Together

Cilla. It's her birthday:o) 9 today!!

The famous fruitcake.

Here I am, sat in little hidey hole, with tin hat on and accompanied by faithful Popeye, who is curled up on the comfy pad next to me:o)

Junior is 'that' way out today....courtesy of 'that' time of the month and all that it brings....mooods, strops....bang!

As you know, J is into baking at the mo..... This is very nice and all that, but I end up having to clean up is the 'my end' of the bargain. Sigh. Anyway, I tiptoes into kitchen. She has her head in one of the many baking books we possess. I ask her what she is intending on making and gets the reply...'Doughnuts'. Sigh....

I tell her that we do not have all the ingredients.

She tells me we just need oil.

I tell her I am not going to buy some oil just so she can make doughnuts...and so she can go to her Gran's as she is the doughnut making expert..and she probably has oil.


So, I wanders out of kitchen with my cup of tea and back into the sanctuary hidey hole where Popeye and elderly pc are and..... 'potter'..

Post off I go to see what has landed on the mat. I spies into kitchen to see that Strong Bread Flour has been weighed out....most of which has gone everywhere except in to its recepticle. I ask what she has decided upon now? No reply.

She is looking at cake recipes. Hmmm...should I point out that Strong Bread Flour is not the type she should be using? Nah....decide to leave her to it. That'll teach her for not reading the recipe properly! lol

Back to hidey hole and elderly pc. Potter, potter about.

Back into find Junior busy with hands in baking bowl. I enquire as to what she has decided upon now.......Bread!...she tells me.

Yay! Nothing like kneading bread to get rid of moods! lol

Bread dough newly bashed!..waiting to rise.

Why is Popeye here with me?....Seeking protection, I fear.

Earlier on, I heard this shriek which came from upstairs. I know what it is when it's that sort of shriek. Yes....a certain someone, wearing clodhoppers instead of slippers in the house, had managed to tread on his tail. It always make me titter...the screech..... 'cos it makes me jump so much. Poor cats..... getting under feet and copping for it with trodden-on tails....
2 hours later.....
Daughter seems calmer now. All frustrations and moods seem to have been hammered out courtesy of the bread dough:o)...for the time being....

Hopefully, I have sorted out spacing problems:o)

Anyway, more random piccies.
Bart and his 'heart'

Cute Bart with the 'Please don't boot me off your bed' look.

Popeye keeping out of the way of clodhopping shoes!

Popeye's 'Not very pleased' look.

Jimmy..out of the way and snoozing on top of the corner shelving in the kitchen. He's in the bad books. Peed in my shoes!!

I love this one of Tinks.....chomping away at her cardboard box like she means business.

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