Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

What's the world coming to? All this rioting and looting of late..people killed, property and all manner of stuff torched? Shameful and disgusting behaviour.

Dearie me. Some people are saying it's because these 'people' are poor and that's why they do such things.

When we were young we had hardly anything. Parents worked.....shitty hours, shitty jobs....and shitty jobs made them ill...but they carried on. There were no benefits. We just had the bare minimum at home.... furniture, clothes - no designer stuff..everything was either hand made or hand-me-downs, food was basic. Def no holidays...but we didn't go out and kick the shit out of our communities. I think we were lucky. We were taught morals and respect...and that there were always consequences for our they negative or the other! Nobody was ever 'off their face' through drugs or alcohol...

A young woman who was interviewed on the tv (and had had her little shop trashed) described the louts as 'feral rats'. Totally correct but a bit insulting, I fear, to the little, brown furry rodent population to be categorised with that lot!!


mystery girl/guy said...

i know they shouldn't be looting. its not every one else fault for what happens in their lives

Minnie said...

I know. I pondered after that post whether to delete or not. But, things were like that in 'my day'. Maybe it's because we weren't taught politics in the local comp! It's different now....this underclass that has morphed from gov't neglect. I feel so sorry for them...they have been SO let down by the doorknobs known as interfering politicians.

I don't agree with the stealing and trashing - especially from their own's frustration, probably,, but..... rioting sometimes = protest... the only way the 'forgotten/ignored know how to make a point....think it's the only way sometimes.

Some of the sentences are not real. One bloke gets 6 months for nicking a bottle of water...yet a bent MP get a couple of years for fiddling thousands! Not right. Mr PM needs to come down from PlanetC and get in the real world. Stop mollycoddlying his own.

I still think Labour are a waste of space at the mo. They did not listen before and it seems, in some cases, are too proud to do so still. That's why I hate's sooooo full of SHIT!!! WAY worse than football!!! Politicians never answer a question straight....they go around the houses...hoping that you've got a dose of the Alzheimers and forget what the original question was! xxx