Friday, 5 August 2011


Son no 1 is happy:o)

It has taken him MONTHS AND MONTHS to get an appointment with an NHS dentist.

He's had toothache for ages....AGES... and has had to take painkillers to help him cope with pain. It has nearly given him an ulcer!..all this painkiller consumption!! Anyway...finally...he got to see the rare breed dentist this week and now is minus the rogue tooth!

I'm obviously very happy that he is now pain-free but VERY annoyed that he's had to wait so long to be seen and treated. Bloody ulcer could have killed him.

When he was a bit younger we lived in our old home, obviously, and were with a local NHS dentist...who recommended that he had his wisdom teeth out. It seems normal stuff! ? So, we go along with expert advice and went for the appointments and the poor lad had to endure the extractions....and all the following pain. To be honest, I thought it was not necessary. In the end, so did Son no 1. He'd had enough of this dentist kneeling on his chest, trying to oik his wisdoms out... His teeth were not forthcoming! They wouldn't be....being very healthy!

I just think it's a load of old tosh....all this 'perfect smile' stuff. Synthetic. Son no 1 looks much better with his own, untampered-with smile:o)

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