Friday, 28 May 2010


'So.....there's me thinking that no more of life's crap can be thrown at me.

I am of 'that age' where one could describe me as 'getting on a bit. Son no 1 just says I am an old git!

So, peri-menopause time comes with lots of heavy 'that time of the months', etc. And, in my case, crap laptops. The rickety joints are really painful of a morning. I can eventually stand up, but getting going takes a bit of time.

So, wakes up this morning. Need loo. This, of course, no longer entails the 10 second sprint to the lav. More like a ten minute hobble....courtesy of those darned rickety joints.

So, I eventually 'land' in the bathroom and......'Arghhhhh'.....Always Ultra type pad had, somehow, reversed itself during the night so sticky side was on me!.. Bugger. The old pubes were being held to ransom!!! So, being desperate and all that, I was brave and spent ten minutes trying to remove the thing.

Eventually, the deed was done.

I am now the proud owner of a Brazilian gone wrong!!

To cap it all, the powers that be have dictated that I am not dead enough to be awarded disability living allowance. So, no help with mobility and making life easier. So much for paying taxes for decades, Thank you to the twat who decided that. With pleasure. you can have my condition...and see how you like it!!

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anna said...

lol your posts are brilliant.. HAVE YOU EVER THOUGHT OF WRITING A BOOK... ?? i love having a cup of coffee and reading them.. im addicted to facebook at the moment..i need to find something to break this crap addiction its evil..i hope ur son is ok for his appointment xxxx