Sunday, 16 May 2010


Pesky black cloud!!

Son no 1 has not been well. Hospital jobby. Seems he has internal bleeding. We do not know why but he's suffered feeling faint, blurred vision, stomach cramps amongst other not so nice things. Lots of tests and procedures, some of which are not really that pleasant, are underway. So, I am a tad worried. He's too young for this. He says he feels ok...ish.... He only went to the docs 'cos I nagged him when he told me what symptoms he had and what was coming out of his bottom! Doctor wanted to send him straight to A & E via ambulance there and then, but Son no 2 took him. They kept him in overnight.

He's due to go abroad on holiday soon and has been looking forward to it for AGES. I ask him not to go. What if he feels crap over there? How will he get back if the volcano and ash cloud problems escalate again...and then the probable flight delays..... plus foreign food, water might affect his stomach, etc.

He tells me that one doc said it was ok to go and that I worry too much!

Damn right. My job, innit?

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