Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Crap times

Moaning Minnie here.

I am depressed!!

Crap probs with family, life and all that.

Family of family and friends no longer of this earth. 'Tis sad.

Plus.......Mother....doing my head in. Less said the better. But, poor thing, has been strung up by red tape!! Her heart has been broken because of it.

Laptop keeps blowing up. Is no joke. No internet access is like being in solitary. Bring back the Mac!!!

But....Junior...ever resilient.....piano lessons in the offing.:o)) She is turning into a little Vivien Westwood, fashion wise. Plus, we have discovered that one of our neighbours is a florist by profession and has offered to help her learn the trade, which is nice:o) Soon, we will have a garden full of more of Junior's beloved flowers, as our florist friend is giving us LOADS of cuttings. Yay:o)

Me.......managed to sprout 60 tomato plantlings AND 12 green bean sproutlings, too!!!

Came back one day to find green bean plantlings 'beheaded' and the mogs looking very 'smug'. Little sods!!!! THEN....spotted Henry having a pee in my tomato nursery!!!....sigh....

I am not amused....It all has to start....again!!! I did wonder, though, what I was going to do with 60 tomato plants.

To date, we have courgette plantlings only. The mogs' run is tantalisingly near to completion. Then they can 'go out and feel the fresh air and sunshine on their backs' and not get hurt by some of the nasties about or bother the bird population, some of whom have decided to nest in our hedging!! Just need some heavy duty mesh for the run.

Financially, we are as poor as church mice 'cos of my rickety joints. I'm entitled to help with housing and council tax. But, we are unfortunate enough to live in an area where the council assumes everyone is on the fiddle. Every obstacle they can muster to make it more difficult or humiliating to claim seems to come my way.

Now..I have a landlady who is lovely....really caring. She lets me rent the house, decorate as I wish, keep pets!! Council reckons that we do not have a 'proper landlord/tenant relationship...we get on too well...so we MUST be on a fiddle. So...this council asks for stuff...we give it...It is never enough. There is always another obstacle put in our path. Landlady is getting fedup of this and is threatening to give us notice to go. She can get a professional tenant in...no hassle. Can't blame her. The individuals at the council...... Can't print what I think of them. They don't get that they work for US!!!!. Sigh.....

I'm so peed off and dissapointed in the system. I spent nearly 30 odd years working and paying taxes and NI. My rickety joints have something to answer for!! lol Maybe the 'who you know' thing is right. In which case, I should get out and 'brown nose' a bit more.

I hope this new government of ours works....properly.....in the spirit of all that is good and actually listen to us. Not like the last lot. At least that dreadful Ed bloke has gone!!! T*** that he was. Can you imagine him ever being the PM of this land? Yuk!!! Well, actually, I can and what a scary thought!!! Ughhhhhhhh!

No wonder people chuck themselves off bridges!!

Apologies to SPC person. Totally got waylaid with the above. 'Tis on its way. x


Anonymous said...

Oh, Minnie, dear

Sorry that you're feeling so down-trodden. I hope things get better for you soon.


Brad said...

A rowdy day out or a quiet lay-in? I'm not sure which to recommend but I hope your feeling better since writing this!

Give one of those mogs a squeeze for me.

me said...

oh darling
i hadn't read your blog for ages cos for some reason it hasn't been updating on my blog list :(
so i thought you;d not posted
so sorry to hear you're having a bad time , and in last post your son poorly too !
awww sending you loads of hugs
would love to catch up
dawn xxxxxxx