Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas from us lot.

Junior and I....and the mogs and Cilla dog wish you all a happy Christmas/festival/holiday and a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful New Year:o)))) xxxxxxx Peace to all:o))

Listen to song no 3.

Junior is busy wrapping pressies up and enjoying herself immensely. Pressies for the pets, me, family, bestest friends and friends and family.....and are all to be lovingly wrapped. The mogs are REALLY interested in all this rattling and rustling and being extremely nice to Junior. Think they have sussed out the cat nip parcels, judging by the big holes in the wrapping paper. lol Bet they get "unwrapped" before dawn.

Cilla just sits and waits patiently. Bless her. LooLoo is lots better:o) Keeps trying to get outside....can't blame her, can you? Now the boys have been snipped they can go out. 'Tis muchly better. No more confined mogs in dog crates on a night and having to get up early to let them out.

We went out and did our 'shopping' today. Had to retreat early due to rickety old me.

About the last of Olive's kittens to be homed..... We have been picky as to where the kittens have gone. All, so far, have wonderul homes. Not Chrissy pressies, which I hate, hate. Someone was supposed to pick up the last one tonight. Their family cat, aged 17+, had died and they wanted another, supposedly. They never turned up and we got a text to say it was too far to drive (10 miles if that). So, it is fate. Last one stays. Bet it's because she isn't stereotypically 'pretty'. Anyway, Junior is WELL happy (she's been badgering me for ages to keep this little one) and so now we have Piper:o) Female Ringo lookalike. Tiny. Little sod!! sigh...

My new friend who helps run the local cat welfare place is going to retire (she's well into her 70"s and deserves a rest). So, shall just have to step in and help:o)) Should keep me busy:o)) long as the old joints keep up to it!!

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