Thursday, 25 December 2008


We had a quiet day. Among my pressies from Junior are a pair of flashing Rudolph earrings:o))

Mother isn't speaking to me. Probably 'cos I haven't visited in the last few days due to these rickety joints, which she thinks no-one else has but her. I'm getting the emotional blackmail, again. I don't care about her, apparently, because I keep the cats. I spend too much time with them and not enough doing stuff for her. Why don't I paint my walls white and get rid of everything and just have one of each?  blah, blah.  Other siblings have given up and stay away, leaving me to it!! Junior wants to stay away, too which is sad.

So, once my tablets had kicked in...around dinner time....I managed to get vertical! lol   The pets have had a ball with their pressies. The catnip disappeared pronto and ping pong balls are being chased around the house:o) Piper is holding her own and play fighting with the older kittens.

And LooLoo!!!!

At 5am Christmas morning Olive decided she wanted to go on walkabout. She can open every door in the house so, when the mood takes her (which is too often) lets all the mogs out and off they run, causing mayhem and partaaaying!! LooLoo , who is much better, hightailed it downstairs and out the catflat. So, there's me, hobbling around the garden, in pitch darkness, cursing for Europe never mind England, holding torch with nearly spent batteries trying to catch this bloody cat. An hour later I was back in bed, with LooLoo safely behind locked doors.

This morning, with it being a nice day, I let the snipped boys out into the garden for a runabout. Tinkerbelle slipped out too, when Junior turned her back. Next thing you know, she's up a 30 foot fir tree!! Once she'd realised how high up it really was.....eeeek....starts miaowing and crying. Tries to get down, but ends up going back up.  Daughter is hysterical and says we must call out the Fire Brigade to rescue her!!  Don't think so.  What goes up must come down and all that.   I suggest the old chestnut of temptation.    So, Junior, armed with tin of cat food and fork, rattles away and calls and calls her. Neighbours come out after a while. "Is that you kitten up there?" Junior confirms this. "Oh, dear" comes the reply. Anyway, 45 minutes later Tinks is back in the house, smelling of pine, with a look of 'I'm not doing THAT again!' lol

Son came up with grandchild of Min:o) They bought me a crafting lamp and a couple bottles of nice wine for Crimble:o)
Son no2 and Junior engrossed in a DS game. Junior had gotten on really well with it prior to our visit.....and then her brother went and accidentally wiped out all her 'saves'. lol    Grandchild of Min engrossed in Granny's iMac.

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