Thursday, 4 December 2008

Never argue with a cat!!

Junior has been a tad argumentative of late.

Think she's a bit fed up of the chores known as 'Tidying up after yourself' and ' Could you just do **** for me?''  Well, hey ho, 'tis tough.  Needs must and all that,  especially as Iffy Joint Old Crock aka Min isn't as nimble as she once was and needs a little help now and again.

Anyway, the mogs are hungry and need feeding.  Seeing as I was up at 4am due to Junior sleepwalking into my bedroom and could not get back to sleep, I asks daughter to attend to them.  One, Meg, has become really grumpy and growly which does nothing for you when you are as equally short-tempered and trying to feed the hungry furry masses.   It just makes you even more bad tempered.

So, they are fed.  House rule is that animals are sorted first, humans second.   Junior asks me to cut her a few wedges off the homemade bread.  She is going to make herself a tuna and mayo sandwich.  Her favourite.    Of course, the aroma is not missed and soon she has a mass of furry 'friends' vying for titbits.  Still grumpy, Junior shouts and yells at them and tells them to go away, leave her alone, they've had theirs, etc.  They, of course, ignore her and carrying on hassling.  lol

She makes the sandwich.  It is piled high with tuna mayo and they still pester her for some.  She tells them that under NO circumstances are they having any of this.   Not a chance.   It is hers and hers alone.  

Off she toddles to sit down and consume it.

A few seconds later, there is a little commotion and a child-like expletive.  

She returns to the kitchen, with plate and lop-sided sandwich.

It seems that because of her bad temper (sigh) her hands slipped and plate fell onto the floor...followed by sandwich.

Ah ha!! 


The mogs got their tuna, after all.

There's a moral in there somewhere,;  What goes around comes around...and all that.....  but I'm in danger of losing bladder control as I'm laughing so much!!!!

I made her a fresh one and presented it in a large, non-slip bowl. 

Still tittering:o))

PS.  The Mogs...filled with tuna mayo sarni...are strategically lazing around..or so it would appear.....but, don't be fooled... all eyeballs are on Junior incase she drops this one aswell.   


Dawny said...

lol love it :)

Minnie said...

Yes, it is so funny.

I've started a feline blog. The link is in the sidebar. At home with the Feline Schoolers. Just for us pet lovers:o)))

Brad said...

Arn't we due a pic of those sweet little faces ? Seems like it's been a while!

Minnie said...

Oh, just for you:o))

iMac and camera are not being very compatible at the mo, but I will soldier on:o))) Might take me a while, though.

We have a Mog Blog now, though. Link is in the sidebar. Not everyone likes to read about 'puddy tats" on a supposed to be home ed blog (ooooppps) they have their own place"o))

I've been worried about you. Are you ok?