Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dark Nights

Junior is sort of recovered from the flu.  Still has a chesty cough but she's got an appetite back, sort of.  

We've been making the most of the dark nights.  Curtains drawn and snuggling indoors, trying to keep warm and eating comforting, healing food.  Shutting out the crap from the outdoor world.  I love the dark nights.  All the peace and quiet.  I end up doing all sorts of rearranging.  Bit like nesting, I suppose.   We've rearranged furniture to maximise warmth and cosiness.    The mogs have been doing their bit for peace in the Min household and switching off the phone by stepping on the Belkin.  lol

On the subject of warmth and cosiness, we're making novelty draught excluders...or trying to...and Junior has been Christmas card making.  Her efforts are quite good, but she gets her hair off when something goes wrong.  You can hear her muttering away...."stupid, stupid".  Little perfectionist that she is!

I don't much care for Christmas, though.  Can't get in the mood for it.  The over commercialism drives me mad plus it's the month when Dad went.  But, hey ho, must make an effort.  Tomorrow shall buy some twinkly lights to put up in the window:o)


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Dawny said...

sounds nice and cosy, pleased junior is feeling better x