Sunday, 15 April 2007


Busy weekend. The boys and their respective partners were here. Bobby dog was pleased to see them, especially DS1, who pampered him with gifts and lots of walks. Sad that he can't have him where he is now, but once he gets sorted then Bobby dog will be winging his way down there to be reunited!!

Brother and Brother-in-Law visited, too. They helped sort out the car and jeep....just needs lots of pennies to get them on the road, so public transport it is at the mo!! It's mighty exensive, too, this public transport. It's way cheaper for me to have a car, living in hill billy land. Maybe I should get the old broomstick!!!

And......Yay!!!! got the Moonphase on...but it's in the wrong place. Ah well, shall solve that another day.

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