Sunday, 29 April 2007


So, not being content with nearly braining myself with a Kenwood blender/liquidiser, I then proceed to find the only wooden splinter on my bedroom floor which then managed to weedle its way deep into my foot!! Ow, ow, ow!! Been hobbling around like John Wayne gone wrong. Had a soak in the bath and then, armed with teatree oil, sterilised needle and tweezers attempted to remove the bugger from my body. No success..and it's not for want of trying!! Can't get my foot near enough to my face due to a) rather large tummy getting in the way and b) aged body not being flexible enough. If I had been able to get said foot near enough to my face then I would have a) not been able to see the splinter due to rapidly deteriorating eyesight due to middle age and b) I'd have been knocked dead with the aroma of my tootsies, sex god that I am!!!

So, son no 2's mother in law "might be" was here and proceeded to dig the offending object from my foot. Did you hear me scream and tell her how much I hate her while she was carrying out the op? Needless to say, splinter has been evicted and I love Debs really. Thanks mate!! Slippers on from now on and the rug is down!! Your new car is cool, by the way.

Junior feels a little better too, is eating more and looks way happier now the asthma has eased off. She's had her birthday pressie a little early and is now engrossed in a new game on her new x-box.

Had wholemeal pancakes with banana, honey and soy yoghurt for brekkie. Yum yum. Have to say that I don't really miss eating meat and feel better for it.

I will have to go, due to Spooky the cat wanting her tea and some attention - miaow, miaow, miaow.

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