Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Well, weather is nice so we are back on the allotment. Just been told that we can keep some chickens so have been beavering away to gen up on all things chuck.

Think we'll probably take some ex-battery hens on. Poor little things. Anyway, got to get nice men from the allotment association to help out to build an appropriate hen palace and gardens!! Can't wait!! Annie has already picked their names. Cock, if we get one, is going to be named Scooby. All the others will be named after characters from Tracy Beaker, by the look of it!! Nothing clever or academic like Madame Curie or Florence Nightingale. No, we get the Beaker!! sigh...... So, next project will be battery hen orientated.

Junior has been reading some Garfield books. Infact, she finished one today. She's now going to attempt the first Harry Potter book, which isn't that long in comparison to the others.

Did maths...counting all the money in my purse!! She's also written out a list of all the fruit and veg we want to plant on the allotment. Tomorrow, we're going to plant some seeds up in pots and also draw a plan of what we're going to put where. We also have the loan of a single plot for this year, until ours is sorted out (way too many weeds). All the old gents on the site tell us to put weedkiller on, but am determined to be as organic as possible. So, any old carpets, thick plastic, etc...chuck em this way!

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