Thursday, 26 April 2007


At last and after much hinting what I'd like for my birthday (which isn't yet anyway) and downright spelling it out, I have my copy of Vegan With A Vengeance!! Bought it myself in the end...couldn't wait. So, have been curled up in bed (best place to read when it's cold) with my trusty hotwater bottle and precious new book. So many great recipes I can't wait to try. Hope Junior is hungry, 'cos I'm on with the cooking!!

Junior has been feeling ill's the dreaded asthma and we don't really know what's set her off. I think it's a combination of the weather changing and the fact that she had a bit of a cold. She's been feeling quite dreadful and really down....tearful and all that. Hopefully, now that the weather is a little fresher she'll get over it. Funny thing is that she hasn't really had it for ages, years..and it's suddenly affected her again. But, speaking to friends and family, it seems lots of people have been affected this way, so maybe it's a high pollen count that's the culprit. Shall have to get more local honey down her neck!!

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