Monday, 1 April 2013

Is it Summer time? Nah, not here.

It's still cold...freezing.  I'm having to wear fingerless gloves IN THE HOUSE!  We still have a bus load of snow in the back garden and I have only just managed to prise my way out of the back door.  With the garden room..which is really a greenhouse,lean-to type of construction, every time I open the door..down comes a whole wodge of snow and ice because of the vibrations.  Not good if it lands on your head.  So, we have avoided the back until now.  I had to hack away the snow and ice and chiselled a little path to the main garden using a garden hoe.    Can't put salt down to 'melt' the snow and ice because of the dog.   Went out there, to the bottom and put some food out for the birds.  Mealworms (Eeew) and bread crumbs.  I doubt they'll eat them.  Don't know why that is because they do come into the garden and the sparrows are nesting in the hedge.  Could be that my 'bird cuisine' is not up to scratch?   Never put mealworms down before, though, so maybe they'll eat them.   

Poor Junior has not been feeling well.  She has started with the lurgy.. - 'bunged-up sore throat' she puts it.  So, she has been miserable and ratty.  The mogs have sensed this and the majority of them have 'stayed well clear'...and bunked in with me!   lol    I bought her some nail varnish to cheer her up.  When all else fails.... lol.

Now that I have sort of managed to suss out my new camera,  here are some gratuitous pics.

Henry and Tinks looking out at the white stuff.  There's a radiator under this window sill, so they are multi-tasking and bum warming as well as surveying the land.

Henry with his 'Have you seen that...where's it coming from?' look.  He's a very talkative, friendly and nice chap.  He trills and talks away to Junior.   Tinks has a new fetish and likes to play with hair bobbles.  We hide them but the mog still finds them.  You can hear her 'pinging' them around the house.
She smiles:o)

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