Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Joys of Animal Ownership Part 4 - Saying Goodbye

It sucks.

Little Darth Vader is not well at all.   She is so old. So goes with the 'territory' apparently.   She wheezes away..happily lounging on the window sill....above a hot radiator!...Bum warming is her favourite activity nowadays...and eating and crapping to excess.   She doesn't always wheeze,

Today, I noticed that she had some nose snot.  blood coloured.  Maybe that means that her nose nodules have bust a bit.  I dunno.  Don't want her to suffer but, equally, don't want to give up on her easily just because she is old.  She seems happy enough.  Being a semi-feral she has been a complete PAIN up the A.... when it comes to being a 'normal cat' re petting, flea treatment, worming, etc.  But, nowadays, she seems to want attention and...closeness,  She'll let me groom her now.  Wow!   She'll still do a sneaky on me and crap on the bedroom floor!  Ack!  Not a nice aroma at 4am!!!  The other mogs approach her and she trills....and they back off in respect.  You have to see it to believe it.

Still... I will blub when 'the time comes'...and it's not too far now.


Heart broken, already.  That's why I spoil my Old Lady.

She crapped at 8pm next one is?........

Bog roll at the ready...


KittyKittyWeaselFish said...

Oh it's so sad as they near the end..I guess she knows too.Circle of life eh? On Mogs last day she just wanted to be close to me so everything else went on hold while I held her paw.That , and cleaning up her little accidents were the least I could do for her after nearly 16 years of companionship. May the old girls passing be gentle...and the tissue box full. xxx

Minnie said...

Oh, thank you. x