Saturday, 13 April 2013

Just Pray

My daughter in law is in hospital with pre eclampsia.  She is only 34 weeks on.  She's not been well with this pregnancy for a bit.  Looking it up on the internet, she has had the classic symptoms of PE.   The baby is very small (3lbs) and they think they might induce birth the baby could be 'here' on Monday.   She and Son no 2 said they wanted me at the I am on tenterhoooks.  Can't wait to meet my newest, dearest grandaughter.

I am praying that Mum and Baby will be fine.  Please send them positive thoughts.



KittyKittyWeaselFish said...

All my positive thoughts and good vibes coming at you! Hope all turns out OK...hugs to you all

Minnie said...

Thank you.xx She's bored, fedup and missing her 4 year old, who is missing her Mum! Their young, blind dog is missing her, too and very sad, I am Son has allowed him on the sofa for cuddles and a kip!! Son is knackered, bless him.