Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pain In The Head

The cold is doing my head in....literally!

I have stabbing headaches now and again and earache, too.  It's like when I tip my head..a little elastic band twangs me in protest, saying 'Keep still!'.   Arghhhh....   Might have to wear my deer hunter type wollie hat INSIDE the house to keep my brain warm.  In fact, I will.  Don't care if I look like a bit of a plonker.

Remarkably, the old rickety joints that make me hobble seem to have had a few days off.   Has the RA gone?  No...the RA's picking on my skull and ear bones now, as per above.  It does that...wanders about the old bod and occasionally picks on different bones/joints for the torture.  Weird.  Bleurghhh!

Junior has been baking.  I went out to get supplies from the local shop (leccy and cat food) and came back to find a PILE of pots in the previously clean and empty sink.  That's the deal.  She bakes and then forgets about the pots.  lol   The Washing Up Fairy will do it.    Ah well....I shall tuck into lovingly iced and chocolated cupcakes.

Cinnamon Swirl and Custard.  Made the other day using puff pastry, smearing of mincemeat and chocolate spread and then rolled up, sliced and baked.  Lovely when it's warm.  When it's in next can be used as a weapon!  I think I inadvertently invented a new super glue!  lol  
 The Choc Drop Cupcakes.  When I reminded Junior that we had a load of chocolate in for baking purposes, I meant that she could melt in and use as an icing...not as an embelishment.  Still, v nice with a cuppa.

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