Friday, 7 September 2012

Work Buddies

I've been crocheting away..complicated cushion design.   Will take me at least 8 hours to complete it.  There's no way you can make a living out of this crafting lark...especially when a certain attention-seeking Olive decides that she wants some quality time with moi..... and so eats into my 'make some money' time!!   lol  Like, 'don't do that, do this' in 'fuss me!  It's more interesting!'    Olive is nuts.  Quite potty...but very loveable.

I envy people who have studios.  All that space just for their craft!  Bliss.  In this house, there's crafting stuff stashed all over the place..and the light is crap.  The best light is in my bedroom!  Not ideal...but there I sit, my rocker..working away.  The mogs are either usually sparko on the bed, on top of the wardrobe (on a hat box) or else on the windowsill....sunbathing.  They are always close by.  Dog is usually under or on the bed....snoring!  

Anyway...The Great British Bake Off is on again!  Yay!  Might inspire Junior to experiment more in the baking dept.  She's lost interest of late.   All baked out!  On our Kitchen Gadget Wish List is a Kitchen Áid food mixer.  Beautiful...but expensive.  Might treat myself.   So many colours to choose from.   sigh.....

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