Thursday, 23 August 2012

Fancy being rudely awakened!

For a change, I went to bed before 11pm last night.  I was pooped and joints had been playing up due to the change in weather.

I settles everyone.   Junior,  Mogs on their favourite perches/beds/windowsills/chairs/rockers/tops of wardrobes, etc..  Dog highjacks one side of my bed and is soon snoring and woof  woof, wip wipping away, with paws doing the galloping action as she lay there, otherwise motionless, deep in dreamworld.  God know what she was dreaming about?....probably a chase.  Very apt.

Ay...all is well.....I settles down.  Pillows nicely fluffed up so I don't get a stiff neck or an imprint of the  metal headboard on the back of my head.

Lights out.......Off, to the land of nod....yay....

THEN.   2am.     NOISE...and lots of it!   

Blumming Police helicopter was hovering around our chase.  Arghhhh.  (You can tell what a lovely place we live in).  Anyway, police helicopter pilots.... they can go and chase as many cars as they want, but why is it always in the middle of the night and why do they always hover and make the racket of the devil over my house roof ?

Helicopters are noisy things!   Better than alarm clocks for knocking sleep out of you.  Of course, the mogs were then 'up'.  Sigh.   Takes me ages to round 'em up and settle 'em down, again or otherwise they would party.  Then, various neighbours go off to work.  3 am local milk van roars up the road,  A neighbour goes to work at at at  Another  Train in the distance...5.30 bloody am!

Got back to sleep at 6am.   I have staggered through the day....sleep deprivation is crap.    Now it's 6pm and one of the neighbours has decided to indulge in a bit of diy.   Bang, bang, bang.    Another, previous to this, at the top of his voice was yelling at his poor kids.    Arghhhhh!

Fun in Hill Billy Land!

What do I want for Christmas?     Earplugs.  Or a detached house in the middle of a field.

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